My blog: concerning, yet compelling?

I bumped into Mary on the tube home this evening, who I’ve not seen for over two years. Great to catch up, albeit briefly. I worked as one of her clients for around two years, and she was one of the best programme managers I’ve worked with.

One of the first things she told me was that she’d been looking at my blog a couple of days ago, in search of some Excel tips. She was slightly worried by the overall content, but found herself strangely drawn in, still reading after 20 minutes. I think that’s quite heartening.


2 Responses to “My blog: concerning, yet compelling?”

  1. Rob on September 7th, 2006 14:50

    “He is a loathsome, offensive brute… yet I can’t look away.”

  2. Shanahan on September 8th, 2006 00:11

    Like a car crash.

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