Better hair day

Today, my hair has ended the day in a much better state than it did yesterday. It was the most productive day I’ve had in a long while, not because I’ve been a work-shy fop of late; rather because I covered huge amounts, and my focus was relentless for ten hours. That sounds boastful, but rarely can I maintain such intensity throughout a day.

The day culminated in a three and a half hour hardcore, solo Excel session, which pushed my own boundaries to produce an absolute beauty. One particular moment of joy came at my discovery of an artistic, non-VB way of performing what could be described as a SUM PRODUCT IF, a function that doesn’t naturally exist in Excel. More on that another time.

The Tate should set up a gallery dedicated to Excel, as spreadsheets often share the beauty of works of art. I’d like to think that today’s effort would be short-listed.

Anyway, now I’m shattered, so am on my way home to my wife for a beer and a take-away curry. (Mr. Jones got run down.)

By Dan on 8 September, 2006 · Posted in Life, Spreadsheets

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