The make-up of MS Office?

As an early user of MS Office, I often struggled with its make-up. Someone one day must have decided that, say, 80% of people’s software needs can be accommodated 80% of the time by the following: a package to write documents; one to build presentations; and, er, one with lots of columns and rows.

It may sound odd coming from me, but Excel seemed the least logical of these.

Thinking about it, maybe the decision was inspired by the exercise books that people could buy, as I suppose these were in some respects Microsoft’s biggest competitor. You can get lined paper (Word), plain paper (PowerPoint) and chequered paper (Excel).

Nowadays, the Office suite (which has since been updated to include Outlook) seems like a natural set of tools, although whether they’re natural because they’re there, or they’re there because they’re natural is another question.


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