Cardinal numbers with no ordinality

It would be nice if there was a set of numbers or characters that had no inferred ordinality. Generally, the series we use to describe objects all have an order. Obviously, the numbers themselves are ordered (1, 2, 3), but so are the letters we use (a, b, c; x, y, z). Even the Greek characters are ordered: α, β, γ, δ etc.

I’d like there to be a set of, say, half a dozen symbols that we could use that don’t have any relative priority. Kind of like paper, scissors and stone. Different people would use them in different orders giving them all equal significance.


2 Responses to “Cardinal numbers with no ordinality”

  1. Deb on September 18th, 2006 12:24

    What about % & * ^ # ?

    What use would this be anyway? Most reasons you need symbols is to present some sort of order.

  2. Greg on September 22nd, 2006 04:24

    Deb, I disagree. A symbol is something used for or regarded as representing something else. It does not necessarily have a predefined sequence. I am partial to the # and | symbols.

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