Short loop across the river

I strained my left calf muscle slightly while running in my new trainers a couple of weeks ago. I think it was down to lack of stretching beforehand, as opposed to the nu shooz. Anyway, my first time back on the road was up in Telford in driving rain on Thursday morning while on a business trip. I followed this with runs on Friday morning and this morning; I’m definitely a morning runner.

On Friday, I did the 6.32km Round Battersea Park run seen here in 28 minutes. I did the 7.28km Short loop across the river run this morning in 33 minutes. I don’t take any technology with me (iPod, heart-rate monitor, watch etc.), so rely on the start and end times according to our analogue clock in the living room; not overly accurate, but it does the job.

I’m aiming to go out three times a week for the next three weeks until the Nike 10km run on 8 October, doing the 9.82km 10km loop across the river run once a week, which I’m currently taking around 47 minutes to complete. (Not sure why, but my maps are not working showing on Firefox; they’re working in IE though. Frustrating!)

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