Today’s emotions

The morning started well. There was a lady who boarded the northbound Northern Line with me at Clapham Common, who was clearly pregnant. The tube was rammed, and I offered to negotiate securing a seat for her. She was genuinely thankful for the offer, but said she was fine standing. Then, when a guy barged on to the train at Clapham North, I reprimanded him, suggesting he be more careful. The lady disembarked at Stockwell feeling pleased. I was both happy for her impending joy at bringing a child into the world, and proud that I’d done the right thing.

Had a meeting with my boss. She was very empathetic and supportive, which made me feel confident and valued.

I enjoyed some banter with a colleague in a meeting, but felt constrained and frustrated at needless bureaucracy and process.

My friend is going through some tough times right now. I chatted to her, and felt sad for her situation, but confident that the tough times will be brief and good times are ahead for her.

And this afternoon, someone tried to close my laptop in a meeting. This made me quite angry.

Finally, I felt despair at the weakness of some individuals in the workplace.

That is all.


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  1. Shanahan on September 21st, 2006 04:10

    What’s the average?

    I see you’ve never brought a child into the world. The correct emotion with the lady was sympathy. You should have given her a friendly punch in the shoulder and said “it sucks to be pregnant right?”. To which she would have responded “You’re %#$%@# right!”

    Children are amazing wonderful blessings but the joy comes much later. Right now that lady’s probably throwing up, unable to eat, suffering from back pain, unable to sleep and gradually growing nauseous from the smell of her own house.

  2. Dan on September 21st, 2006 09:20

    My correct emotions were happiness and pride. The tube is not the place for sympathy, nor did she appear to be looking for it; that would have made her feel awkward.

    As for the joy, I was happy for her impending joy. This was meanst as the joy she will soon feel, not the impending joy that she currently feels.

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