The south will rise again, maaaan

The official results are now in from the Run London event. We South beat the North.

That is a difference of 17 seconds, or 0.502%. If I’d remembered anything from the Statistics portion of my Maths and Stats degree, I would tell you whether that margin is statistically significant. I haven’t, so I won’t.

I’ve also now received my split times. Below are the statistics from each of the 2km splits, including the following fields: section, time, % faster/slower than my overall average.

So, I started fast, got gradually slower with a serious lull from 6–8km, then picked it up again for the finish, which you can see here, btw. My official time has been rounded down to 43:28.

In relation to everyone else, I finished 603rd out of 10,906 South starters (top 5.5%), and 1,195th out of 21,973 overall (top 5.4%).

Despite this analysis, the relentless focus in the office is rather on whether a six-months’ pregnant Paula Radcliffe beat me. Two sources conflict with one another. The Times claims she finished the course in about 43 minutes. Reuters claims an unofficial 44:18.


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  1. Jon on October 9th, 2006 23:23

    Well done Dan.

    And, sadly, you’ve reminded me that before you do any serious statistical analysis it is important to remove outliers first of all.

    Turns out I did learn something!

    With love mate,


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