Honesty doesn’t pay at M&S

While paying for dinner at M&S yesterday (fisherman’s pie with cauliflower cheese and sweetcorn), a guy being served at the next till said that he had dropped a pre-packed curry on the floor, and wondered whether he could grab another one instead. The one he’d dropped was damaged and leaking.

He was asked whether he found it like that, or whether the split in the lid was due to his action. He indicated the latter, and was told he had to pay for the damaged item. If he’d said that he’d found it like that, he would have been able to take home a pristine one.

Nowadays, loyalty and goodwill can only be gained if they have a barcode attached. The value of the customer has been commoditised along with everything else.


3 Responses to “Honesty doesn’t pay at M&S”

  1. Shanahan on October 11th, 2006 01:26

    Hah! That would never ever ever ever ever have happened in America.

    I’ve bought books, read them and returned them weeks later for full cash back.

    I’ve dropped stuff, cracked stuff, knocked stuff over no questions asked.

    I’ve even drank entire sodas in the store before paying without issue.

  2. Dan on October 11th, 2006 03:07

    Maybe M&S took the correct approach, given your abuse of the system, Francis.

  3. Sinner on October 13th, 2006 04:12

    Big deal. I killed a man and then married his wife. Haven’t been caught yet.

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