My two most stupid moments

There are two moments of seemingly incredulous stupidity in my life, which I thought I’d share.

The first was at a Jean Michel Jarre concert in London’s Docklands when I was about eleven. At the merchandise stand, I bought a baseball cap for £10. The guy serving was trying to deal with too many people at once. Because of this, he’d run over to the other side of the stall, and I had both cap and £10 note in hand. I briefly tried to tell him, but he’d moved to the other side of the store.

At this stage, I had a net zero expense and a cap.

I decided that I’d make some money, so I sold the cap for £6 to someone else in the fracas that was passing itself off as a queue. I then ‘queued’ again, and bought another £10 cap.

Now, I have a net £4 expense and a cap. Idiot!

My next such moment of stupidity came while doing some simple plumbing. I was putting a back on our bathroom vanity unit, atop which are two wash basins. I had to cut two holes in the ply that formed the back of the unit, to allow the waste pipes to come through and connect to the U-bends.

Before fitting the back, I unscrewed the right-hand U-bend, put my arm above the right-hand basin and poured the water into the basin. I got covered in water. That’s not the most stupid moment. While laughing at my stupidity, I unscrewed the left-hand U-bend and did exactly the same.

Just thought I’d share.


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