Grapes vs. raisins

Grapes and raisins are up there with the best of the fruit. They didn’t make the top five, but they’d certainly be in the top ten. But here’s my question: why are raisins so much cheaper than grapes?

Ocado has 500g of raisins (made from Californian seedless grapes) available for £0.75. 500g of green, seedless grapes (a juicy and flavoursome grape) cost £1.99.

The bag of raisins will contain way more raisins than the bunch of grapes will grapes—I’d suggest that five times as many would be a conservative estimate. That would make the relative cost of a raisin 7.5% of that of your grape, and it has to go through a longer lifecycle before arriving in your kitchen.

The only two explanations I can think of for the price differential are:

Both of these suggest that the premium is for the circumstances surrounding their transport, rather than the product itself.


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