Tab wars

It’s interesting how the internet keeps changing. In the early days, I used to do everything in a single browser. I think the reason for this was fourfold:

All four of these issues have been addressed. There’s lots of interesting and useful stuff out there (along with lots of tat, but hey). Firefox (and IE 7) offers multiple tabs within a single window. Broadband allows you to get much more stuff to your machine much more quickly. And memory and processing limitations become less of an issue by the day.

So, now I can have lots of stuff open at once. Great! Er, no.

While these barriers are largely a thing of the past, we as humans like things to be organised, arranged nicely and logically.

So, in the early days of Firefox, I did tend to open oodles of tabs. Nowadays, I’m finding that I’m consolidating a lot of stuff, largely thanks to RSS. As such, I have four internet-based inlets/outlets, and thus have a standard set of four tabs open:

If I want to search for stuff, I can do so through the search bar in the top right corner of Firefox, and that’s pretty much the internet covered.

Google has further enhanced its personalised homepage so that you can now have multiple tabs within the page itself. It’s still not flexible enough to cater for the four tabs above, but maybe over time, I’ll go back down to a single browser tab.

As an aside, I’ve just noticed that apart from my actual email address, all reference to Gmail, including the URL, has been changed to Google Mail.


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