Screen-centric design

I finally worked out how to centre my site on the screen (or should I say center as that’s the instruction I had to put in my CSS). It looks much better now.

I’ve put relative positioning on the body (giving an auto positioning instruction for the left and right margins) and I’ve told it to render the background image in the centre at the top. Seems to have done the trick, and it was easier than I first thought it would be. Some early experimentation a while ago resulted in some bizarre behaviour, which put me off trying further.

Also, I’ve put a cheeky little corner image at the bottom right-hand corner of the blue bars below each post, to visually associate the bar with the post above, rather than the post below. I think it was a little confusing, and hopefully that’s helped.

Aggregator readers will not notice any change, but please pop along to see the change in all its glory.


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