Satties and tatties

It’s satsuma season!

Whenever I peel either a satsuma or a potato, I am compelled to attempt to remove the entire peel in a single piece. With satsumas (satsumae?), it’s relatively easy. With potatoes, it’s more of a challenge. Here’s how it’s done.

You start on one of the flatter sides of what is usually an approximation of an ellipsoid. Go in a straight line for a very short length, and then flip 180° around on yourself (to the left, let’s say). Continue following the edge of the peeled section, turning in an anti-clockwise direction. Eventually, your peeling direction will straighten up, as you near the longest circumference of the fruit/veg., until it naturally flips to turning clockwise. Keep following the edge of the peelee (you, btw, are the peeler, as is the knife), until you’ve reached the end.

Any other method, and you risk leaving a marooned section that the peeler can’t get to.

That is all.


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