Where geeks, science fiction and fantasy don’t collide

I’m not your average geek.

I would say that the three circles of the Venn diagram depicting Geeks (A), Fantasy Fans (B) and Science Fiction Fans (C) would have lots of overlap.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’ve linked to the type of fantasy I’m talking about. I’m sure there are less savoury flavours out there.

I expect that (A ∩ B) would be very similar to A. That is, the vast majority of geeks are also fantasy fans. And, perhaps more so (A ∩ C) would also be very close to A. And there would also be quite a large overlap between B and C, although less so—there will be more sizeable populations of non-fantasy-reading science fiction fans, and fantasy-junkies not keen on Sci Fi.

There will be quite a few fantasy fans and science fiction fans that are not geeks, but it’ll be a safe bet that your average geek will have some interest in fantasy and Sci Fi.

I, however, would consider myself a geek (as would some around me), but I hate both fantasy and science fiction. The very word Pratchett sets my teeth on edge, while Star Trek itself makes me reach for the razor-blades, before people even start on its various genres.


5 Responses to “Where geeks, science fiction and fantasy don’t collide”

  1. Yazz on November 21st, 2006 02:11

    I’m very upset that you feel this way. Feel free to borrow any of my fantasy books/DVDs whenever you like

  2. Dan on November 21st, 2006 05:10

    Thanks, but no thanks…

  3. John on November 22nd, 2006 18:34

    Does Harry Potter come under the heading of ‘Fantasy’? if it doesn’t then I think it should. I only mention it seeing as you have a countdown to the release of the next over rated instalment.

  4. Dan on November 22nd, 2006 19:04

    Dang! I didn’t mean that type of fantasy. I meant the Discworld-type tat, along with Lord of the Rings etc.

    I think Harry Potter tries to blend a sufficient element of reality to make its subject matter enjoyable.

    As for over-rated, I agree. Book 6 was tedious. Nice that it’s coming to an end in many respects.

  5. Yazz on November 28th, 2006 04:10

    You do realise that if you like Harry Potter you can’t claim to ‘hate fantasy’, don’t you?

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