Leaves, Newquay and downloads

This afternoon, I made a second attempt at clearing the leaves that have taken over our garden. The trees looked sufficiently bereft of foliage to give me confidence that they wouldn’t be able to destroy my efforts, as happened previously.

The leaf-sucker was next to useless as the leaves were all wet, and I spent more time unclogging it than sucking up leaves. So I resorted to the rake and manual transfer of leaves from ground to sack.

It’s a disheartening task. No matter how much you’ve done, the amount of leaves left strewn always appears inordinately high. It would be good if you could get an estimated finish time (somwhat like downloads), based on your rate of progress to date.

Our parents used to take us to Newquay most Octobers when we were kids. The journey from Yorkshire took a ridiculous length of time (about eight hours?) and I remember trying to rationalise the journey’s length in my head. I used to argue that "I’m sure people have never taken over 24 hours for this journey, so that’s our upper cap", and then try to further whittle it down to progress from the superlative pessimism. I had similar arguments going on in my head today.

I’ve probably cleared 70% of the leaves. The law of diminishing returns has kicked in, and I think a further 10% would take the same length of time again. I think I’ll wait until the remaining 30% dry up before sucking them up.


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