Adverts or content: you decide

I’m genuinely not particularly bothered about online advertising. It’s white noise in the background which I usually choose to filter out, but which on occasions will draw the eye and the resulting mouse-click.

However, get your priorities right, FFS.

I’ve just clicked on a link from Dry The Rain to Men’s Health. It’s an article about keeping your body fit through 18 little tricks.

Thirty-two seconds after the article started loading, the page finally finished downloading. Most of the intervening time was spent waiting for the likes of pointroll and doubleclick to serve the adverts they felt I might want to see. And I’m on broadband.

My frustration was particularly high because Men’s Health deemed the adverts more important than the content. So while I was waiting for the ads to load, I had nothing to read. And the article was split over four pages, each behaving in an identical way. (Actually, page 2 took 65.437 seconds to load in its entirety according to Fasterfox.)

I’m finding this trend more and more prevalent as the internet evolves. Advertising is killing rather than supplementing content. By putting their content in the hands of the servers of their adverts, content providers lose control of the user experience. Destroy the user experience, and you lose your user base; it’s as simple as that.

Advertising is an important part of the internet. But it needs to be given its rightful place. People don’t buy newspapers for their adverts; nor is this the reason why people visit web pages. Make sure your adverts supplement your content. Not the other way round.


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  1. Rob on December 5th, 2006 06:21

    WTF are you not using Adblock Plus:

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