Some odd taxi experiences

While in New York, we had two odd taxi experiences. The first one was our journey at 4am on Friday morning from JFK to our Manhattan hotel. Cab 7H82 was being driven by someone other than the person to whom it was licensed, judging by the photo on the certificate. Unfortunately, the phantom taxi driver was (I hope) much less qualified than his counterpart, and had to stop before even reaching Manhattan to look at the map. I didn’t help matters by failing to give a cross-street, but even after I had (White Street and Sixth Avenue), he struggled big time.

And the journey from Grand Central Terminal to the hotel on Saturday evening was no less uneventful. For some reason, the driver decided to cut across Spring Street to Seventh Avenue, instead of continuing down Broadway, which seemed a more logical route to me.

On this diversion, he happened upon another cabbie, and the two of them shared some road-rage, soon followed by a high-speed chase, the highlight being three cabs zooming down Seventh wheel-to-wheel at a speed I wasn’t altogether comfortable with. (We were the middle one, btw, ready to be slammed from either side.) The cabbie had overshot by six blocks (to Chambers Street) before deciding to give up the chase, at which point he tootled off back up Sixth.

Eventful journeys.


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  1. Dominic on December 14th, 2006 22:58

    A quality post Dan, well done. Would write more but I am soooooo busy that i have to rush. Boy, I must be the busiest person alive I reckon. Did you know that Dan?

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