Nielsen takes my advice on usability

Back in February, I suggested that Jakon Nielsen should focus on his own site’s usability as well as commenting on that of others.

It seems he’s taken my advice, reducing the width of his site to 800 pixels, where before it spanned the full window, irrespective of its width.

Here is his updated top ten mistakes in web design. In the main I score quite highly. My policy on new browser windows (point 9) is that anything outside of this site will spawn a new window/tab, while anything within will stay within the confines of the window/tab. This is mainly because I have leaky text (diverting people to other content mid-post), and even if people jump off mid-flow, I’d still like to give them the opportunity to read the end of the post. Meanwhile, I’m sufficiently modest to believe that my site never warrants more than one window. (Many would argue that one is too many.)

On Nielsen’s point 3, I will commit to making visited links red to highlight this to the user. Maybe at the weekend.

Update: visited links are now grey. Hover over visited links and you get white text on a grey background. The red didn’t seem right. The grey is more subtle, and the reverse colours on hover are in keeping with the theme elsewhere in the site. Hope this helps.


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