Perfect pitch for This Life

I don’t have perfect pitch. I have relative pitch. That means that if you give me an A, I can sing you an F (for instance), but if you ask me to sing an F without prompting, I might give it a go, but would have no idea whether I was right.

For some reason, however, I can sing the first note of the This LIfe theme without a prompt. Slightly odd. I don’t know what note that is (I’d guess F#), but I can sing it.


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  1. Lucy on January 8th, 2007 16:40

    Might this be that the first note is relative to the rest of the notes that follow, hence you can always hit it? Just a thought. Same for any song that you can sing straight off?

  2. Dan on January 8th, 2007 18:36

    Surely that’s the same with any tune that you know – if you now the tune, then you know the subsequent notes in relation to the first. I can sing any tune that I know (probably quite badly). But I won’t necessarily sing it in the right key.

    As an exercise, I just tried to guess the pitch of the octave leaps at the beginning of the Pet Shop Boys’ Suburbia, and got it bang on. Very strange.

    Maybe my ability to do it for one tune means that I actually have “inferred perfect pitch”, a new condition I’ve just invented meaning that I can correctly guess a note given to me at random by reverting back to Suburbia (once I find out the actual note of those octave leaps).

    So if someone sings me a note, I sing the Suburban octave leaps (which are, let’s say, Gs) and work it out from there.

    It’s just a thought…

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