The darts final

I’ve not watched any of this year’s darts for a bunch of reasons. But I did catch the last half of the final, which I was surprised about, tuning into a match at 6–0, first to seven.

Martin Adams had won the first six sets before the interval. He and a seemingly dejected Phil Nixon walked out for what looked like a formality.

One by one, Nixon clawed his way back into the match. After winning the seventh, and even the eighth, you didn’t think much of it. When he got to 6–4, alarm bells started ringing, both for Mr. and Mrs. Adams, the latter leaving the arena as the pressure became too much. Her husband had no such option.

And Nixon continued his remarkable comeback, taking sets eleven and twelve, tying the match at 6–6 to set up a final, deciding set.

Unfortunately, Nixon crumbled, wayward darts spattering the 5 and 1 beds to allow Adams to hold his nerve for a double-top finish. 7–6 to Adams.

Fantastic TV.


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