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Steve has accurately summed up the Goody family in his recent post, Sterilise the Goodys for the future of mankind. However, I feel that he’s missed out on fully evaluating the full extent of the backwardness of the Celebrity Big Brother housemates, in two notable omissions:

The two of them are vindictive racists. They are horrible people. Their respective bungs for going into the house should be withheld when they leave, and their careers should fall into nothingness.


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  1. Winston Smith on January 16th, 2007 07:08

    That is what makes BB such compulsive viewing, we are seeing Caliban in the mirror.

    Shilpa’s is a lamb to the nasty undercurrent slaughter despite her earning power. This is modern day Colosseum; Shilpa versus the hyena bitches, great viewing.

    It’s why I left Australia, when racism becomes de facto it is time to look, listen, learn and leave.

  2. BBFan on January 16th, 2007 07:25

    The producers and Channel4 are trying to pacify the viewer’s strong views with propaganda and hype in a bid to boost viewing figures. They do this by brining on a black psychologist (CBB Big Brain) to state (with all her qualifications) that Shilpa is not a victim and that she can give as good as she gets. You may infer from this that it is ok to be racist or bully someone if they can stand up for themselves. Racism is a crime in this country, a piece of legislation that the makers seem to forget

    By not imposing serious sanctions action against the perpetrators their are condoning such behaviour.

  3. Steve on January 16th, 2007 20:55

    The unfortunate thing about Jo and Danielle is that they have no actual careers to tumble into the murky abyss of obsolescence. The best you can hope for is public disgrace, but how do you disgrace people who appear to have their shame glands removed at birth? It’s a conundrum…

    Big Brother is, as rightly stated, compulsive viewing. It displays the good, the bad and the “fugly” (thinking mainly of Jade here). It allows people to revel in their differences and be grateful for the fact that we’re not all the same.

  4. Winston Smith on January 17th, 2007 06:44

    You have to hand it to Endemol, front page of the papers, viewing figures up, parliamentary questions and Gordon in India – wonder what the CPM is going to be, ka-ching?

    … and I think I am in love with Shilpa – what a wonderful beautiful woman in full bloom.

    The best UK can do is sport some chavs with mandatory tatoos. Thank god we took away that Ms Gt Britain title, more like Ms Little Britain.

  5. rachel on January 18th, 2007 01:41

    Hia, am really appalled at the content of this big brother, in fact i have boycotted the whole thing. Jo, Danielle and Jade are the worst example of female jealousy i have ever seen, thus comments turning very hurtful and bordering on racist. They are a group of ignorant uneducated pigs who do not deserve the title of ‘celebrity’, what a joke !!!!!

  6. Winston Smith on January 18th, 2007 08:44

    Speaking to ‘minority’ friends and acquaintances, they say to me that this is what it is like.

    They say don’t be fooled by rationale that talks to bitching, class struggle or education. That this is how minorities are spoken to here, and how we justify it as acceptable.

    Intolerance laid bare for us to see in its many guises.

  7. simon on January 19th, 2007 01:39

    Jade and the other non-entities are just demonstrating how rude, vulgar and bad mannered they are. Their lack of skills and education means they do not know how to behave when faced with someone who – nationality apart – does know how to behave under such conditions. I know it’s tempting to throw stones at these girls, but we should resist stooping to the same levels of vulgarity and rudeness. They are how they are, a product of our society, education system and media, and there are many millions in the UK with similar values..

  8. matt w on January 30th, 2007 07:10

    Winston your comment about racism in australia maybe true. but there’s just as much racism in the UK. its just while aussies are fond of talking openly the english arent. doesnt mean its not there. (ps. i’m english, living in sydney).
    therer’s shitloads more immigration from places like sudan etc into oz now and i reckon aussies will be forced to face their racism

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