Where grammar and geekery collide

It seems that these two ‘qualities’ are mutually exclusive: a healthy understanding of grammar and an above average appetite for all things technical.

While I’ve already referred to the sliding standards of people at large, it seems this trend is particularly prevalent among techies.

To prove this point, simply scroll down the titles and short summaries of articles on digg, and cringe away. Inconsistent mixed-casing, heinous apostrophe crimes and overall grammatical disappointment abound. It’s not as if they have to write long essays; digg summaries are really short.

I’m not sure whether it’s an education issue or one of attention to detail. Either way, it’s distressing, and one of the reasons you rarely get well-rounded techies.


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  1. Bluenose on February 2nd, 2007 16:32

    Why does no one seem to understand the difference between cancel and postpone? Even the BCC seem happy to fall into this small grammatical trap (e.g. today’s cancellation of all Italian Serie A games due to the death of a policeman at a game yesterday). The games haven’t been cancelled, they have been postponed.

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