98% of the web is driven by people called Rob

Just in case I didn’t have enough friends and acquaintances called Rob with a web presence, it seems that another will be adding themselves to that list imminently. An acquaintance, I hasten to add. He will add confusion to the world currently comprised of Rob, Rob and Rob.

A colleague that I can’t seem to shake, let’s call him Rob for that is his name, has decided to join the wonder that is the internet. I used to work with him back in 2000–2, and like a sticky Twix wrapper that just won’t come off your shoe, no matter how hard you shake your leg, he turned up in my workplace again in 2006. To be fair, I turned up in his (he was working there first), but that would be missing the point.

Today, he sent an email entitled "blog" that was for some reason rather bereft of prepositions. Below are the entire contents of that email:

what do you do then?

What are you up to? Drink?

Will find out what my new timetable is….



The four dots after the last sentence are a grammatical faux pas on his part, btw.

Anyway, I’ve directed him to blogger, but I think there will need to be a little hand-holding over the next few days as he gets to grips with the world of t’internet, and indeed thereafter.

The purpose of his blog will be to post about "nothing", which I have to say I’m looking forward to.


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