CV verification

There has long been an issue with the fact that people lie on their CVs. I wonder if there’s a business idea in offering some form of verification service, with each item on your CV being verified by the relevant people.

So your qualifications would need to be authorised by your various schools and universities, your jobs would be validated by your employers etc.

I’m not quite sure how it would work, but employers and educational establishments would need to opt in to the service, and responsible officers would be sent excerpts from CVs, which they could then accept or reject. (Obviously there is a slight issue with people’s incumbent employer.)

Then, prospective employers would be able to download people’s CVs from a central website. Each fact would have a little symbol of authentication next to each fact, representing confirmation of its authenticity by the relevant employer or educational establishment.

Not sure if it would work. Perhaps it’s half-baked.


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  1. elise on February 7th, 2007 09:22

    there are already services, such as, which screen the employment, criminal and educational histories of prospective employees for employers. i know Google uses something like this.

    as far as it being centralized, i think that could be problematic. people want control over their CVs/resumes and each time they’d make a change, the service would have to review and approve/reject those changes (like a watered-down this would involve significant time and cost.

    far easier for the companies to hire a service to do it on an on-demand or as-needed basis (as aforementioned site). and, i don’t really foresee the average person wanting to contribute any money to maintaining a ‘verified’ CV, either.

  2. Rob on February 10th, 2007 18:47

    Erm…. isn’t that what is all about? Recommendations for people on there should get the job done.

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