Bank account tagging

I get frustrated by my bank account. Basically, it’s a way of storing money and being able to move money into it and out of it in a simple way, with a little money paid to you as a kind of loyalty bonus. Little more.

But I want something more.

Within an account, I’d like to be able to tag money within my balance according to what I want to do with it. And when I make a payment or a deposit, I’d like to tag it similarly, either all as one or across a number of tags.

In my business account, when an invoice gets paid I’d like a certain percentage of the amount to be tagged as tax. When my salary goes into my personal account, I’d like a certain sum to be tagged savings.

And when I log into my account online, I’d like to see my account balance broken down by the various tags. That way I can better manage my money and understand my position.

Is that too much to ask?


One Response to “Bank account tagging”

  1. Rob on February 18th, 2007 10:05

    Here’s a revolution for you Dan… open a number of linked accounts and slosh your cash around them in a futile attempt to keep track of it.

    Even better – I know you love spreadsheets… just keep on with these figures in.

    BTW – I see the whole exercise as pointless, but if it floats your boat then go ahead.

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