Confusing URLs

The other day I noticed for the first time a .travel domain name. It was a TV advert, promoting Florida with the following url:

With that capitalisation.

It’s odd that I’ve not seen more of them, given they’ve been around for almost 18 months. Maybe people have steered away from them because they are as confused by them as I was. The fact that there was a UK at the end of the URL didn’t help at all, as my immediate reaction was to look for an associated CO.

But even without the extension, it’s confusing. It just seems odd to have such a long string as a top-level domain. (The only other six-letter TLD in use is .museum.) Maybe that’s why they opted for the bizarre (and to me similarly confusing) capitalisation.

Whatever the reason, it’s hardly a memorable URL.

By Dan on 19 February, 2007 · Posted in Tech stuff

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