Greasemonkey magic

I’ve just been futzing around with Greasemonkey. It’s basically a Firefox extension that allows you to install little scripts that can do cool stuff.

The original reason for installing it was to exploit Matt Cutts’ advice on more efficient management of Google Mail. That needed Google’s own saved searches script installing. That works very nicely—thanks, Matt.

I then had a look around for other scripts, and found a gem: postcode linkify. It basically identifies postcodes when a page loads, and displays them all as links to the relevant Google Map. I can’t begin to estimate how many times I’ve copied a postcode from a page, opened Google Maps and pasted the postcode in to find out where something is. I love this.

There’s also Tin Foil Hat, which displays the correct URL of all TinyURLs on hover. Quite useful if you don’t trust the source.

By Dan on 10 March, 2007 · Posted in Tech stuff

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