Breadless deli

Back in August, Chris sponsored me for the October 10K run subject to my refraining to compare the US and the UK in blog posts for six months. The six months are now over, and so is the embargo.

We have a deli at the top of our road. I call it a deli, because that’s what its signage indicates that it is. And generally, when it sells things, it lives up to this name.

But rarely is it stocked well enough to sell things. Yesterday, I went in just after 2pm to buy a couple of sandwiches, to be greeted by a chalkboard reading "No bread left". This experience is far from rare. During yesterday’s short visit, a lady poked her head around the door to ask what time thy closed. "Five o’clock", was the reply, "but it’s not a question of when we close, more a question of when we run out of food", the owner proudly clarified.

While I fully understand the need to stock according to expected demand, for a deli to run out of bread three ours before closing is a crime. Nowhere in New York would that be considered acceptable.


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  1. elise on March 18th, 2007 02:23

    haha. i wondered why there hadn’t been any comparisons. i also find it very funny that you noted the end date. 🙂

    your experience reminds me of restaurants i’ve been to in eastern europe where they hand you a paper menu and just cross things off as they run out of that particular item.

    i’d reckon that running out of food wouldn’t be acceptable in 90% of the US. all this talk of bread is making me hungry…

    let the comparisons resume!

  2. matt on March 19th, 2007 12:50

    my workmate eats his bread open mouthed. he’s doing it now and i want to frickin punch him.
    yes, i know…this is totally irrelevant

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