Starbucks’ 1005% mark-up

Often, when I go into my local Starbucks early in the morning, they have their food order sheet lying around on the counter. This is the sheet confirming all the food that has been delivered that day.

I can’t help but scan down that sheet and did so this morning, only to find their average muffins (including the Sunrise Muffin) coming in at £1.52 for a pack of twelve. That’s a little over 12.5p each. Just off to the right of that sheet, the very same muffins are on sale (on sale in the being sold sense of the word, rather than the discounted price sense) for £1.40 each.

That’s a healthy 1005% mark-up.


2 Responses to “Starbucks’ 1005% mark-up”

  1. elise on March 22nd, 2007 23:00

    those bast***s. what a scam! coffee is the new tobacco. ppl are shelling out big bucks on a daily basis to feed their addiction.

    i prefer to drink my own store-bought (organic) tea. tastes better and costs me about $.025 a cup.

    maybe the muffins you speak of are ‘for sale’, not ‘on sale’. 🙂

  2. matt on April 1st, 2007 17:36

    Starf*cks are aggressively taking over prime coffee spots in Oz. In my wifes local neighbourhood they offered far more money than the long-standing local coffee house could match for a prime location. Consequently the place we always used to love going to now is starf*cked and charges stupendous amounts. I am not going there again …i hate Starbucks.

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