Bus stop injustice

Fuck it’s cold today.

I only realised just how cold while waiting at a bus stop for the 77 to take me home, having ventured out this morning to pick up some parking permits for my builder. My trepid (it must be a word, given that intrepid and trepidation both are) hands deemed it sufficiently cold not to venture out of their respective pockets to hold the book I’d brought with me to wile away very moments like these.

And boy did I wait? (For the record, boy will have no option but to respond with a resounding "yes sirree".) A full half an hour wait for a bus that is scheduled to come by (not in the One Man And His Dog sense, more in the bus sense) every 9–12 minutes (after 8am on Saturdays). For the entire half hour, I waited alone at the bus stop, while buses sporting numbers other than 77 steamed past me, leaving backdrafts of cold air in their wake to add to my misery.

And finally, the 77 arrived, at the same time as a lady who also needed its service. Why did I have to wait half an hour, while she had no such wait? I felt cold and cheated.

Yet my chivalrous nature wasn’t compromised, as I allowed her to board the bus before me. Now I feel warm, self-righteous and I can read my book.


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  1. Thomas on March 24th, 2007 23:02

    you can report a complaint online about buses via the tfl.gov.uk website.

    they even reply!

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