Virgin Media: Guaranteed Happiness?

Is it fuck.

They seem perfectly happy to leave me waiting ten days without TV and internet. They were actually happy for me to wait 17 days, but after a two hour phonecall, I managed to pull that in a week. Their current slogan reads “Guaranteed Happiness”. I wonder what the service credits look like for their failure to meet this SLA.

Rob, please add this to your list of shit companies. I would have linked to your such post, but can’t, because I’m typing this on a mobile phone and (a) am not sure how without those pop-up dialogue boxes and (b) even if I did know how, it would probably be too much effort. Suffice to day it’s the “a blog about nothing” link over there to the right.


One Response to “Virgin Media: Guaranteed Happiness?”

  1. Art Vandelay on April 17th, 2007 08:53

    Yes siree Bob. Will action next time list is published. However, it will have to be Virgin Media only, as I am a surprisingly big fan of Virgin trains.

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