My bag is more important than your arse

Today is my first day back at work since taking a little over two weeks off for paternity leave. (For the record, I’ve loved every minute of it. But that’s not the point of this post.)

People in the outside world are already pissing me off. I make my way to the top deck of the 87 bus, to find just one seat unoccupied by human buttocks (or butt-ocks, if you will). (I’ve just noticed that I’m using the present tense for enhanced story-telling. I think I’ll continue.) Instead, the window seat is occupied by a white plastic bag, sporting green typography. (I can’t make out the shop whence it came, but they have stores in notting hill, soho, stoke newington, all lower case by all accounts.) Beside the bag is a grumpy, dozing youngish woman who very reluctantly removes the bag on my asking. (In this case, the use of the present tense is apt, as she’s still sat there, much to my annoyance. My sincere apologies for interrupting her morning nap. The interruption didn’t last long, as she’s gone back to Monday morning snoozeville.)

Instead of shuffling across for me to take the aisle seat, she puts the bag on her lap,with an effort which seems to bely the weight of its contents, and swings her legs round allowing me to edge my way into the window seat. This I do, giving her a healthy nudge on her legs with my own bag en route.

Since when have people’s bags been more important than my arse?


2 Responses to “My bag is more important than your arse”

  1. elise on April 23rd, 2007 04:14

    good question. i don’t know.

    i do remember being ‘that’ young woman several years ago in Munich. i had to haul my laundry across town to get it done. during my return trip home on the metro, an old lady insisted i move my bag, so she could sit. well, i already had a bag of groceries in my lap and my laundry probably weighed close to 20 pounds. AND there were other open seats on the train.

    i was very irked and it was ridiculous (and quite heavy) for me to have to balance all that on my lap, just cuz she had her eye on the seat next to me (why??).

    but i agree, ppl need to be more considerate about their bags and actively move them so others can sit. i also sometimes think that ppl with small children should have them sit on their lap when buses/trains are full, so more people can sit.

  2. Jon on April 23rd, 2007 11:42

    Hey Dan,

    You might want to turn the statement around – since when has your arse been more important than other people’s bags?

    Funny to read this as I’m just working on something about getting annoyed with other people – that it’s impossible for another person to ‘piss me off’ – only I can do that. It’s only taken me 35 years, several jobs, a divorce and moving country to realize that… ouch.

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