I should be so lucky!

I was woken this morning at 3.30am by my lovely daughter. She was focused on being fed, her mouth making a crying noise indicating such, so I woke to calm her down and take her to the food.

I woke mid-dream, however. Or at least I think it was a dream. Kylie (Minogue) had taken me aside in the street (it was the corner of Godwin Street and Thornton Road in Bradford, just outside the Odeon cinema). She was telling me that she had too many friends, and having gone through her contacts in her mobile phone, she’d decided to sever links with me.

As you can imagine, I was devastated.


4 Responses to “I should be so lucky!”

  1. elise on April 26th, 2007 13:21

    does your wife know about this association with Kylie?

  2. Dan on April 26th, 2007 21:34

    I informed my wife of the association this morning. She didn’t seem too perturbed and more questioned what Kylie would be doing in Bradford as opposed to my association with her (at which she laughed).

  3. Your Daughter on April 27th, 2007 01:34

    Please give me a name. I am tired of being called ‘She’, ‘It’ and ‘Girlie Dan’.

  4. Art Vandelay on April 27th, 2007 19:33

    That was no dream. I had exactly the same experience with Kylie the night before. I told her I fancied her sister more anyway.

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