More pi?

Some more information about the Oregon pi anomaly. In no way conclusive about what or why. But a bit of information nonetheless.


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  1. Jon on June 2nd, 2007 00:33

    Thanks Dan – seems pretty conclusive to me – the artist just read the down the columns first, rather than across the rows – I put my money on it being an error – it’s in a tunnel, so having pi would make sense, rather than some weird alternative – there’s also a bunch of other stuff which is educational on the walls.

    More evidence that art cannot be trusted – watched an interesting film documentary last night called Who the #$%! is Jackson Pollock?, about a female truck driver that may have bought an original Jackson Pollock for $5 at a thrift store and her attempts to get it authenticated.

  2. Dan on June 2nd, 2007 08:26

    Not convinced, Jon. While (s)he used all the digits in that left-hand column, they weren’t in the right order. There was some transposition going on.

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