Hansel and Gretel part 2

The only way to do a search from pages within the BBC News site (including the homepage) is to use the search box at the top right. This takes me to a set of results from across the entire BBC web presence. I didn’t want this did I? I searched from BBC News, so I wanted search results from BBC News. (It reminds me of the dilemma on Directgov and its predecessor, ukonline.gov.uk, of whether to serve results from the site itself or from the whole of government. Technology limitations meant that my preference of serving site-specific results won.)

OK, so now I’m frustrated, but at least I can use the tabs at the top to refine my results. I click on the BBC News & Sport tab and get the results I’m after. Unfortunately, I can’t find what I was looking for, so I decide I want to go back to the homepage and navigate for the page myself. Unfortunately, the BBC hasn’t left a trail of crumbs for me to do so. Indeed I am at least two steps from the homepage. I can either click the Back button twice (inelegant to say the least), or I can click on a random result and then use the left-hand navigation to take me back to the homepage.

Getting back home from the search results page is a fundamental requirement, and leaving it out is a major faux pas for the BBC.

(As an aside, here is Hansel and Gretel part 1. Again, about perceived difficulties in getting home.)


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