Apparently, bathtime isn’t a word. It’s either hyphenated or treated as two separate words. Anyway, I’m making it a word. Similar to my use of eleven and twelve mid-sentence. (Incidentally, I’ve used the word eleven in 22 posts to date (make that 23) and twelve in 25 (26). They come up quite regularly.)

Anyway, just a short post to say that I love bathtime, as does my daughter. She’s not reached the try to get as much water out of the bath as possible phase yet, but nonetheless, she seems to personify happiness and contentedness. Which in turn makes me very happy.


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  1. Steve on June 27th, 2007 00:33

    So bathtime’s not a word. Neither is hometime or hammertime. Yet teatime and breakfasttime are. It’s a crazy world we live in…

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