Thank God

I echo Rob’s view that the release of Alan Johnston is a blessing.

After 114 days, or at least after the momentousness of Johnston’s release has died down, the BBC will finally be compelled to return to its objective media remit.

I can’t help but feel that his captivity has attracted a much greater focus than other captives’ plights might attract simply because of the BBC’s position as arbiter of news. The BBC’s role as a journalistic organisation has been blurred with its role as employer, to its detriment.

Would Johnston have been released safely if the BBC had not kept up its relentless focus? We will never know. And this is where the argument gets difficult. Nonetheless, the BBC has lost a degree of credibility as a result of the elevated status the story has received.

I do of course share Rob’s delight for the fella himself, along with his family.


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