BBC News’ history

I wonder if anyone, the BBC included, captures on a regular basis the surfacing trends of the BBC News website. Not the content within the articles, but how they are presented to users over time.

It would be interesting to catpure, say every five minutes, the article that was surfaced in each location on each of the main navigation pages (Main, UK, World, Technology, Entertainment, Sport etc.), complete with link title, link summary and the picture of choice.

It wouldn’t be difficult either (although obviously it’s beyond my limited capabilities), and wouldn’t need much disk space. My calculation gives about 150kB including images per captured page. If 20 navigation pages are captured, then that’s 3MB every five minutes, 864MB per day, or 315GB per year.

And it would provide a great insight into the ever changing priorities of what is perhaps the most authoritative news website out there.

Just a thought.


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