Friends Reunited: now that’s personalisation!

Every so often, I get an email from those nice people at Friends Reunited, a site I’ve barely returned to since registering during the buzz that surrounded its launch. Here’s the title of the email:

Dan, New people listed on Friends Reunited

And here’s the crux of the email itself:

Your Friends Reunited Update: NEW people listed and NEW profiles for you to read.

Putting aside the grammatical faux pas of succeeding a comma with a capital letter in the title (something that never fails to irk me), it’s not particularly compelling is it? Two or more people who I may or may not know have added themselves to the FR user base. And there are two or more new (NEW, even) profiles for me to read too, which I suppose could actually be those of the two (or more) people who’ve just registered. Forgive me please for dragging my mouse swiftly towards the Archive button.


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