Red Sox comebacks

It seems the Sox have done it again: from a seemingly hopeless
situation in the championship series, they’ve gone on to clinch a berth
in the World Series. In 2004, they were 3-0 down to the Yankees
before rattling off the next four games. The seventh game of this
series was played the night we landed in New York furnished with
visas: 21 October. I went down to Penang on Columbus to order
takeaway beef rendang and pancakes, where I caught the start of the
game and was filled in on the first six games by the barman over a
beer. Then back home to catch the rest of the game, managing to fend
off the jetlagged eyelids that seemed intent on closing. Fabulous to
see the Yankees lose in such dramatic style.

This year, the Red Sox have turned around a 3-1 deficit to the
Cleveland Indians, winning the final game in style 11–2 and scoring six runs at the bottom of the eighth, to set up a World Series against Colorado (one of only two rectangular states, the other being Wyoming). This must all be particularly hard on Johnny Damon, who defected from the Red Sox to the Yankees after their 2004 glory. Poor Johnny.

I wouldn’t ever want to face the Sox in a championship series. Not
likely that I will, but still.


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  1. Shanahan on October 23rd, 2007 01:06

    The Sox are notorious chokers. I would be dollars to donuts they’ll choke once more. This whole baseball thing is marvelous. It makes me marvel.

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