IMAP, Ischmap

I was very excited when Google announced Wednesday that Gmail would now support IMAP. Co-incidentally, the announcement came on the same day that I exchanged my defunct MDA Vario I for a whizzy MDA Vario III.

IMAP allows me to send email from my mail client on my phone (Outlook Mobile), for inbound Gmail messages to automatically appear in Outlook, and for the whole thing to be sync-ed. Or it would if it worked. There is a known problem with WM5 and WM6 causing inbound HTML messages to appear blank. If it gets fixed, then the whole experience will be sweet. In the meantime, I know that you’ve emailed me, but I don’t know what you’ve said. And I’m annoyed.


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  1. Rob on November 5th, 2007 08:57

    You should maybe change the title of this post to, “Windoze Mobile is a pile of pooh!”.

    You can’t blame the IMAP protocol when a manufacturer doesn’t implement it correctly. We all know how useless the desktop version of Outlook is, why should the mobile one be any different?

    I did consider a smart phone, but sadly MS is not smart and neither are the majority of phone makers. Thus they won’t be selling anything to me unless it’s Linux based.

    Thus ends a little rant.

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