Writers: block

I sympathise for the writers that form part of the Writers Guild of America, who are currently striking over how royalties for downloaded content are divided. Their argument: they should get some. I don’t know the intricacies of the row, but it strikes me that they should get some, no pun intended.

But maybe this juncture offers a wonderful opportunity for studios. Could they use the opportunity offered by the impending dearth of content to open up the writing of their shows to the general public? Open source sitcoms? Open source dramas?

I think it has mileage. As I understand it, the studios own the rights to the shows, with no obligation to use the incumbent writers. So opening future episodes up to the general public shouldn’t cause any legal issues.

And the public can in turn do the filtering of writing efforts, weeding out the chaff digg-style.

So, move aside writers—oh sorry, you aleady have done—and let the general public through. This week’s Grey’s Anatomy is brought to you by Michala Johnston, from Grandview, Missouri.


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