Happy 1000th Birthday, little blog

Congratulations little blog of mine. This is your thousandth post. I thought we’d celebrate (or celibrate as Holly Golightly says at the end of the White Stripes’ Well It’s True That We Love One Another) by combining two of my loves: numbers and words. So here’s a potted statistical history of the first 999 posts. (This one’s not included because I’ve not finished it yet.) Here goes!

There have been 999 posts in 1,220 days, attracting a total of 1,301 comments. That’s 1.30 comments per post, 0.82 posts per day, 1.07 comments per day.

The 999 posts are made up of 168,016 words, 758,040 characters (excluding spaces), making an average of 168 words per post; 4.51 characters per word. In total, there were 16,299 unique words and numbers, including hyphenated constructs and spelt-out URLs. My most populous word was the, its 10,703 occurrences accounting for 6.37% of the total, followed by to (2.90%), of (2.65%), a (2.56%), and and (1.78%). The most prevalent 123 words accounted for 50% of all words.

There were 625 instances of it’s, but only 402 of its, all 1,027 used correctly, I hope. 525 theres, 409 theirs and only 92 they’res. Beer and wine were mentioned seven times each. 58 footballs compared to eleven soccers and 17 baseballs. 167 Yorks (most of them preceded with New, I expect) compared to 151 Londons. And 140 Googles compare to 15 mentions of Yahoo! Four fucks and three wanks.

The most populous non-trivial word was people, with 284 occurrences, followed by great (225), day (217), little (193), good (181) and number (180). Excel, its capitalised and non-capitalised forms combined, warranted 89 mentions. Twelve was graced with 43; Seinfeld with 14.

α, β, γ and δ got a single mention each. The 4,300 occurrences of a were equal first alphabetically, zoomy rounding us off with a single mention. My longest word was plimpplampplettere, the beautiful Dutch word meaning to skim stones. Compartmentalised won the English record together with indistinguishable, both with 17 letters.

During the 105,282,240 seconds between the first and 999th post, I have married my lovely wife, moved country twice and had a beautiful daughter. Roll on another thousand posts.


2 Responses to “Happy 1000th Birthday, little blog”

  1. art vandelay on November 8th, 2007 07:09

    Congratulations. It really feels like 2000.

  2. Steve on November 8th, 2007 17:15

    Only four fucks and three wanks in 1,220 days? You must have pods like two cans of condensed milk. No wonder you were able to conceive a child along the way…

    Many happy returns.

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