Dry your eyes, mate

Shortly after my daughter was born, I made up a little tune that I sang to her. Actually, tune is flattery; ditty would be better. It consists of a mere two bars (or measures, as I just found out they’re called in the US), and if sung in D major, would read as follows:


(My lack of perfect pitch means that I don’t know whether I’m singing it in D major, and indeed the key probably changes from one rendition to the next.)

For some unknown reason, no matter what’s upsetting her, singing this ditty to her over and over again seems to mesmerise her, and her tears always turn to smiles immediately. The more tearful she is, the faster I sing it. And it never fails to work.

Give it a go on your own children, and let me know whether it’s my dulcet voice or the tune itself thats working miracles. Or my easily-pleased daughter.


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  1. Nick Robinson on November 13th, 2007 07:06


    My guess would be you’ve created some kind of “anchor”, so that your daughter subconsciously associates the sound of your voice singing that tune with the good feelings she remembers from previously being with her dad.
    I wonder if a good quality audio recording would have the same effect without you being there? Perhaps she may also associate the sight and smell of you with good feelings.

    Whenever my son (5 and a bit) has a nightmare or is feeling rough, I say to him “Hey, remember that time we made a boat out of sand on the beach?” (we spent a whole very happy day in that thing!!) and it changes his mood in an instant.
    Easy peasy really – wouldn’t work though, of course, if you weren’t a great dad and hadn’t helped create those ‘nice’ feelings in the first place to anchor to.

  2. Beethoven on November 19th, 2007 02:35

    I have perfect pitch, give me an ‘H’.

  3. Fast Freddie on November 28th, 2007 23:12

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