Sub-optimal substitution

All in all, I like Ocado. They’re reliable, good quality and everything’s very convenient. (My wife does the shopping itself, so I can’t comment on the user experience on the web front.)

I do have two gripes however, both to do with substitutes:

1. If you send a substitute for an item because the ordered item is not in stock, tell me how much the ordered item would have cost me as well as the cost of the substitute; and

2. If the substitute item is more expensive than the ordered item, swallow the additional cost. After all, it’s your fault, not mine.

The first request is a seemingly trivial invoice display issue. The latter is a point of principle, one which would drive loyalty and bring a feel-good factor to customers suffering at the hands of your stock issues.


4 Responses to “Sub-optimal substitution”

  1. Jon on November 15th, 2007 07:58

    I was hoping to read an insightful analysis on the art of substitutions in football.

    I’m still hoping.

  2. Dan on November 15th, 2007 20:07

    Keep hoping…

  3. ukok on November 15th, 2007 23:03

    Surely the key point is the amount of profit occado make in substitutions. I.e. because they do not tell you the price but charge you for the original item do they make more profit? Even if the price is the same they may have a lower cost to occado so should they not reveal their costs. Conspiracy would indicate that it is in their interests not to have stuff in stock.

  4. Cyril on November 17th, 2007 18:34

    First point “My wife does the shopping itself” Does she read your blog?

    Second point in football (if you care) no one cares about the cost of the substitute as long as the end goal is achieved.

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