Colour-matching camera

I had an idea today. I thought I’d share.

The idea is a colour-matching camera. It’s a small camera with a mini-flash on it all inside a light-proof sleeve. Kind of like a dice roller with a camera lens and flash at the bottom. You’d press the camera against something that you want to match the colour of, and it would take a picture. This picture would then be analysed, giving a set of attributes for the colour of the item photographed.

You could then take the camera and the photo’s attributes to a shop, where you would take pictures of other stuff to see whether it was a close match to the item you have sitting at home.

The light-proof sleeve makes sure the readings are unsullied by external light sources, making comparison between two readings appropriate.

You would use it to take the colour of your sofa, walls, furnishings etc., and then comparing these to items in a shop. It may even give a reading on how compatible two or more items would be from a colour perspective.



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  1. Jon Willis on December 2nd, 2007 07:01

    Don’t take this idea into the Dragons’ Den, unless you want to be eaten alive.

  2. Nick Robinson on December 3rd, 2007 21:48

    My wife used to be a colour & trim consultant for the automotive industry – and she did just the kind of thing you’re suggesting Dan.
    If you’re interested, here’s one of the commercial versions of the kind of device you’re proposing:
    – it’s part of the Natural Color System range, one of the more ‘scientific’ colour-specifying systems around.
    Companies like DuPont and CibaGeigy also have their own in-house devices for doing this kind of thing.

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