Period drama

The Clapham branch of Hamptons the estate agents underwent a revamp just before Christmas. Its new sign is shown below.


I’m always amazed that important signage gets through basic proof-reading with mistakes. Maybe the period after Lettings (and the lack of a corresponding one after Sales) sticks out more to me than to other people. But nonetheless, it’s something that should have been picked up in the proof-read, particularly as this is the only text on the sign.

Nice font though (Georgia), and well done on the phone-number grouping.


2 Responses to “Period drama”

  1. curious again on December 31st, 2007 19:04

    Even nicer if the numbers were aligned one below the other so there was clear comparison and the words right justified from the numbers. The eye does too much work to scan this

    Strange though they are such different numbers, wouldn’t it be cool if they were one apart or better still keywords such as HAM-SALE and HAM-RENT

  2. Dan on January 7th, 2008 06:39

    I agree. Aligning the numbers would be nicer, although the middle-alignment with a space down the centre is a bit 1990s. The use of letters in the UK isn’t at all common. As for the different numbers, the fax number was probably registered way after the 7498 phone number. Much like the 212 and 646 issue in NY.

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