Deluded Geordie

We are a massive club and what Sam did was a disgrace – the mess our team in is due to Big Sam, I hope he never gets a job in football again. Keegan is no better. We deserve the best because we are in the top three biggest clubs in this country if we get it right.

This was a comment from Newcastle_best112 on 606 during Sunday afternoon’s web coverage of Newcastle’s draw against Middlesbrough.

Idiocy or delusion: you decide.


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  1. Andy on February 22nd, 2008 19:17

    Come on Dan, Newcastle are a joke club. It’s as though they know they have delusions of grandeur but can’t quite stop themselves from continuing to perpetuate them. Keegan? Messiah? Or twit in a tracksuit?

    But this is so up your street it hurts

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