Run 3

I went for a run this evening, my first since the initial burst of enthusiasm back in November having registered for the Bupa 10km this May.

Here’s the run.

It felt quite good, and it’s always nice to get some London bridges in there. I completed the 7.24km in 36m 35s, which extrapolates to 50m 32s for the 10km. Not lightning fast, but a good base from which to improve.

I was quite impressed, particularly given it’s the first exercise to speak of that I’ve done since the last run on 18 November. And also given that today I read that your collapse point (the distance you can run before collapsing) is three times the distance you run on a daily basis. Three times fuck all is a similarly small number.

The race organisers have asked me to submit my expected time for the race, to best place me at the start I expect. I’ve gone for 45 minutes. Should be do-able. 106 days and counting.


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