Underway, under way

For as long as I can remember, BBC News has adopted the single-word approach for the word underway. But it seems that it made a conscious decision about four months ago to increase its articles’ word counts and update its styleguide by introducing a space between the previously inseparable r and w. Every article in BBC News now seems to adopt the two-word style, although the odd anomaly slips through. BBC Sport, in its less formal style (particularly in live Premier League updates), is more likely to adopt the single-word style, most likely at the disgust of the house-style police on the news desk.

Some quick searches across the News site show 362 pages of results for the one-word variety, yet only 86 pages for the newly introduced two-worder. In Sport, the two worder has racked up a mere three pages of search results, the more common one-worder clocking up 100 pages.

I expect the News site’s results will close up over time, while Sport will retain its defiant imbalance.

My strong preference, for what it’s worth, is for the conflated variety. Thanks for listening. I say! Hello? Is anyone there?


2 Responses to “Underway, under way”

  1. Tom Viner on February 20th, 2008 08:24

    All right, al-right, don’t shout.

  2. Jon Willis on February 21st, 2008 15:42

    Sorry, I nodded off mid-post for a few days – then I had to look up conflated, then felt quite depressed for a few more days that (a) I had to look it up and (b) that I was looking it up because I had nothing better to do than read this posting.

    As you can imagine, this has taken a while to recover from.

    I’m feeling better now, although posting this admission may set me back a few more days. Probably best to say I like the clock idea for the three cubes – it would really mess with people’s head to move them around 🙂

    OK, time to go and re-evaluate my life…

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